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ADA Lawsuits Hit Businesses In California

  • For Immediate Release! Big Push in Sacramento to Charge Tax on Labor Services - A new bill SB 993 by State Senator Hertzberg (D-18th District) is looking to levy a tax on all labor services which have been up to know, not subject to sales tax. This would include most services you participate in such as:

  • Every year, hundreds of new laws are enacted that impact California automotive repair shops. A short summary/highlights of some key measures that will take effect in 2018, unless otherwise noted is a CalABC Members Only Document. Want to know more about membership?
  • Budget trailer language to allow Labor Commissioner through the BAR to revoke or suspend an ARD license for failure to pay a wage order judgment due an employee. Oppose. Status: Failed passage.
    • Opposition Letter – CalChamber Coalition

  • AB 5 (Gonzalez); Employers; Opportunity to Work Act-Oppose; Requires employers to offer additional hours of work to existing employees before hiring an additional employee or subcontractor. Status: Assembly Appropriations Committee.  Two-year bill.
    • Opposition Letter – CalChamber Coalition & CalABC

  • AB 1274 (O'Donnell); Smog Check: Exemption; Extends smog check exemption from current 6 year to 8 model year old vehicles; Oppose; Status: Passed Assembly to the Senate.
  • AB 1008 (McCarty); Employment Discrimination; The "ban the box" bill. Concerns; Status: Passed Assembly to Senate
    • Opposition Letter – CalChamber Coalition & CalABC

  • For other key legislation go to our Legislation Page

Feet On The Street

Presidents Message - Bud Rice Past President CalABC
Dear Members and Potential Members: The Coalition continues to evolve and we strive to build relationships with other Automotive Industry Members throughout the state as we have since we formed in 1992. New this year are tiered dues levels based on the size of your organization. This change will enable us to not only maintain ...

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