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CalABC facilitates the uniting of the automotive repair industry in California for the good of consumers and industry, in cooperation with the public agencies that govern that industry. We provides input into legislation concerning the automotive repair industry in order to help improve consumer communication, consumer protection, and the overall well-being of the automotive repair industry. CalABC further works to raise the professionalism of its trade by working with its education partners to ensure the industry has a competent workforce that adheres to acceptable industry trade standards.

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CalABC is the Automotive and Car Care industry voice in Sacramento!

Users are welcome to use "The Legislative Knowledgebase" CalABC library. 
Sacramento lawmakers don't always have it right. This is the go to source!

Level One

  1. Legislation – Open to All
    1. CalABC’s list of bills and our summary of the bills
    2. Section hot current items

Level Two

  1. Legislation – Logged In Access
    1. Sample of the bills for past years
    2. Samples of the current bills
    3. Samples of letters and communications on legislation sent to the legislature on bills we're currently working on

Level Three

  1. Legislation – Active Members Only
    1. Access to the bills and our position
    2. Access to legislation we’re currently working
    3. Access to discussion and position documents
      1. Comming Soon, the ability to send form letters to your Senator or Assembly Member in key issues we are addressing
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