Johan Gallo Executive Director CalABC

Johan Gallo Executive Director CalABC  

Johan Gallo started his career in the automotive repair industry in 1972 as a Maintenance Technician and soon became an apprentice technician. Johan advanced quickly and became a store manager in 1976. Johan was a store manager for 8 years and managed four different automotive retail stores.

In 1984 he became the Consumer Affairs Analyst for an automotive retailer which covered the 10 western states with 278 automotive retail stores in the region reporting to a Regional Vice President.

Johan worked with state agencies and Attorney Generals throughout the 10 Western states. Johan was a member of the Society of Consumer Affairs Professionals, a volunteer Arbitrator for Better Business Bureaus automotive programs that dealt with Lemon Law Vehicles. He began working with the Bureau of Automotive Repair in early 1985 as a liaison for all the California stores.

In 1989 Johan became the Human Resource Manager for the Western Region while maintaining his role as government liaison. In 1991 Johan became part of the steering committee that formed the Automotive Repair Coalition (ARC now CalABC). He was elected president of ARC in July of 1996 and served until December of 1999 and again in 2009 until 2014. Johan now serves as the Executive Director for the California Automotive Business Coalition (CalABC).

In 2002 Johan was promoted to Manager of Human Resources, Government & Agency Affairs for the company's Western Zone where he continued to oversee all HR functions and continued as the government agency liaison until retiring in July 2014.

Johan served on several boards including the CalABC, Superintendent of schools for San Bernardino County, UTI Advisory Board, WTI Foundation, Community College Advisory Boards, Regional Occupational Programs of California and the University of Arizona's Southwest Retail Center. He's currently on the Executive Board of Directors at University of Redlands.

Johan's volunteer efforts focus on improving the image of the automotive repair industry and keeping and promoting vocational education programs. He served on Jack O'Connell's (Former Superintendent of Public Instruction) Joint Advisory Committee on Career Technical Education to work on the Perkins State Plan for California.

Johan believes we must focus our efforts on keeping high school automotive programs from being shut down and students interested in automotive should have a viable program option. CalABC has worked diligently in California to keep vocational automotive programs going and donated over two million dollars of usable equipment to schools. He has been able to offer over $80,000 in scholarship funds courtesy to high schools throughout the state.

Johan has an MBA from Redlands University, volunteers at local high schools and community colleges, was a member of Lions International, a Boy Scouts of America Scout Master. He restores cars as a hobby.

He received the Education Medal of Honor Award from the San Bernardino County Schools, Recognized by the Regional Occupational Programs as a business partner. Received the company's Chairman's and President Awards several times, as well as other awards for his contributions to the automotive industry and education partnerships.

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