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Nikki Ayers and her husband Robert have been shop owners for 38 years. They own automotive repair shops in Santa Barbara, CA. Robert was a Jaguar tech when they decided to go into business for themselves. Nikki shares the big risk they took with their first building and how after being in business for just six months had to find a new place; many entrepreneurs can relate to this story.

Female Interns: She has had success having female interns and says that the female perspective is so much different than the male perspective when it comes to the empathy for the customer.

Her biggest 'do over'; what' she would like to go back and do better or differently. Her perspective on Digital Vehicle Inspections and the perception of the customer. Their comprehensive technician training commitment.

Philanthropicd: Ayers Automotive was the first California shop to implement the Family Service Day program.

Best Advice
Nikki got the best advice of her career from her grandmother that continues to pay dividends today. Learn what that advice was that changed the business. Listen to what it entails.

Nikki Ayers from Ayers Automotive By Carm Capriotto | 05/30/2016

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